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Kanon Organic Vodka

Kanon is made at Gripsholm Distillery, “the only EU and US certified organic distillery in Sweden” from organic grains grown within miles of the distillery, distilled using power from wind and water sources and then bottled in a glass bottle that is 60% recycled glass.  Add to this an exceptionally well-designed bottle with an iconic pewter badge and you’ve got an extremely nice package. All that has very little to do with what’s actually in the bottle. Luckily, the back story and packaging of Kanon Vodka actually is in support of a very nice vodka.

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Kanon Vodka — Miami 2014

Kanon Vodka — Miami 2014

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Size In The Park

Size in the Park Stockholm in 2014 brought together tens of thousands of Swedish youths in Kungsträdgården for the biggest free music festival since Vattenfestivalen ’94.